3 Brooklyn couples renew vows at Junior’s Cheesecake

Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day at Junior’s Cheesecake, where three Brooklyn couples celebrated the holiday by renewing their wedding vows at the Brooklyn staple.  
Junior’s Cheesecake welcomed these couples with flower petals across the floor and a heart-shaped balloon altar where the couples renewed their commitments to their sweethearts.  
This historic restaurant’s vow renewal ceremony was officiated by owner Alan Rosen, who wanted to do this for those with a Junior’s-related love story. 
“When we came out of COVID last year, there wasn’t a lot of joy in the world,” said Rosen. “We wanted to have a lovely Valentine’s Day, a sweet Valentine’s Day, and we thought ‘who better to do it than Junior’s’.” 
Now that the couples have renewed their vows, Junior’s is also gifting them with a honeymoon – they’ll be staying at a luxury hotel, getting theater tickets, and other surprises. They’ll also receive a Junior’s cheesecake every year to celebrate their anniversary.