4 people sue city, claim they got food poisoning at Fort Greene homeless shelter

Four people say they got food poisoning from a Fort Greene homeless shelter, and are now suing the city.
The Auburn Family Shelter served them chicken salad that allegedly had been expired for an entire month. One of the victims says he found the old expiration sticker hidden under a new one that claimed the food was still fresh.
They say they all knew something was up when they realized they weren't the only ones vomiting after lunch two weeks ago.
The alleged victims retained a lawyer and said they plan to suing the city for the nauseating experience they had to endure.
The Department of Homeless Services apologized for the incident, calling it completely unacceptable. It added that this was an isolated incident at this one shelter.
For the time being, it is not accepting food from the vendor that made the chicken salad. It also vowed to hold them accountable.
News 12 reached out to the vendor for comment, but has not heard back yet.