4 years later: Allan Feliz's family says Civilian Complaint Review Board is last chance for justice

Tuesday marks four years since Allan Feliz died following a traffic stop in the Norwood section when he was shot by an NYPD officer.
Still seeking justice on his behalf, three generations of family members gathered outside of City Hall Tuesday fighting back tears as they spoke of the four years of heartbreak they’ve lived through without their son, brother and father. They said seeing Sgt. Jonathan Rivera, the officer who shot him, fired from the police department would be a start to bringing them peace.
In October 2019, Allan Feliz was pulled over on Bainbridge Avenue for a seatbelt violation. They say they ran his driver's license and after seeing multiple active warrants, officer-worn body cameras captured a struggle between Feliz before he was fatally shot.
His brother Samy Feliz filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) in 2020. In May, the board announced that they would be working to get Sgt. Rivera fired and charged with threatening to use force and excessive force. However, the victim’s family says the NYPD is blocking the disciplinary process from moving forward.
"I am calling once again on Mayor Adams, and Commissioner Caban to do a better job than your predecessors,” said the victim's brother. He said they can achieve this by, "Letting the CCRB prosecute Rivera so they can schedule a trial and fire Lieutenant Rivera for murdering Allan Feliz."
The grieving family says the CCRB is their last chance to get justice for Allan. Advocates say no matter where you stand on the case, everyone should lean on the side of his family receiving a fair process.