45th District seat candidate addresses tweets considered homophobic, anti-Semitic

One of the front-runners in the race for City Council's 45th District seat is answering to newly surfaced tweets that many consider anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT.
An article in the New York Daily News unearthed tweets from Farah Louis that expressed disapproval over a televised kiss between two female actresses in 2010. Another was retweeting a comment saying "these Jews are annoying me."
Louis was former councilmember Jumaane Williams' chief of staff. She says she wants to be as transparent as possible.
"When I saw that article, I was hurt, I was upset and I was disappointed in myself," says Louis. "Ten years ago, yes, I retweeted some tweets and I even shared feelings on social media that are insensitive and hurtful, and I'm definitely apologetic about those particular tweets."
Louis says she has grown and got to know and appreciate the diversity of Brooklyn. Now, she says she is focused on building bridges of the Jewish and LGBT community, among others.
"Because I went through particular things now, I can use those platforms to lend my voice and show young people a different way than what I did in the past. Because what I did wasn't the right way."
Louis, who says she has worked hard for years to empower women with her nonprofit group Girls Leading Up, says she has big plans for the 45th District.
"I know each area of my district, I know the leaders, I know where the potholes are, I know where the gas stations are shutting down," says Louis. "District 45 is what is important to me. My purpose right now is to win this race and to get the district to where we need to be."
Williams did not endorse Louis in the race, instead choosing Monique Chandler-Waterman, who worked for him in the past.
"I am not sure why he endorsed someone else, that's a good question to ask him. What I do know is that he entrusted me with the districts budget, with constituent services and he believed I was the best person to be in his office for the last 5 and a half years," says Louis.
The district's special election is May 14.