49th Precinct officers, families participate in 5K to remember colleagues, victims of 9/11

Some members of the NYPD and their families in the Bronx ran to celebrate the lives of their colleagues and others killed on 9/11.
This is the 21st year that officers at the 49th Precinct and their families participated in the 5K Memorial Run.
The tradition began in 2000 when the precinct’s lieutenant died from cancer.
When the terrorist attacks happened a year later, the organizing officers decided to dedicate the run to their lieutenant and those lost in the attacks on the World Trade Center.
A retired detective who was at ground zero 20 years ago says he remembers it like yesterday.
“It’s something that will always be embedded in my mind and it’s something that I think about at least once a day,” he says. “For those of us that are still here to remember 9/11 and Lt. Clesse, it means a lot because their memory’s alive and everything that happened during that awful day, those people will not be forgotten.”
The 49th Precinct hopes to have more people join in the even next year.