66-year-old man beaten unconscious after deli argument turns violent

An argument took a violent turn in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens leaving one man in critical condition.

News 12 Staff

Jul 3, 2019, 10:13 AM

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An argument took a violent turn in Prospect Lefferts Gardens leaving one man in critical condition and another in police custody.
Police tell News 12 the argument started inside a deli at 660 Rogers Ave. around 3 p.m.
They say it appears two men were waiting in line at the deli when the victim, a 66-year-old man, allegedly got annoyed, possibly over the length of time it was taking a 24-year-old man to order.
Police say things quickly escalated and the two went outside and the 24-year-old allegedly beat the 66-year-old man unconscious, leaving him with facial fractures and severe head trauma.
An employee at the deli tells News 12 both men are regular customers and says he has never had an issue with either of them.
The employee, Jubren Almnsouri, says it all started when one asked the other "why are you looking at me?"
He says the older man responded by saying "I can look wherever I want" and the two began arguing. He says he ran over and told them to break it up and get out, but the 24-year-old continued to beat the older man.
"I feel bad when I see the guy laying down on the floor and the other guy, he was punching him, he didn't want to leave him till I went outside and started screaming at him, so he would leave him and he went back and then he started walking up the block," says Almnsouri.
The 66-year-old was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
Meanwhile, the 24-year-old was taken into custody and brought to the precinct where News 12 is told detectives are still questioning him. Charges are pending.

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