9/11 Memorial Museum launches 'New York First Mondays' for free monthly visits

The initiative aims to reconnect the community with the museum.

Edric Robinson

Jun 3, 2024, 8:14 PM

Updated 10 days ago


The 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City has launched "New York First Mondays," a new program allowing New Yorkers to visit the museum for free on the first Monday of each month until the end of the year.
This initiative, starting today, aims to reconnect the community with the museum.
"New Yorkers, many of them, bring a very direct connection to this experience. While they are some of our biggest donors, and we are grateful for that, they come for many programs—some of them have a little resistance to coming to the museum," said Josh Cherwin, chief advancement and communications officer of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.
Cherwin explained that New Yorkers just need to show some proof that they live or work in the New York area to gain free admission.
The museum, which has welcomed about 23 million visitors since its opening, tells the stories of those who died in the 9/11 attacks and highlights the resilience and hope that followed. This new campaign will allow New Yorkers to witness all of this in a new way.
"We acknowledge that a third of the world's population has been born since the attack - 100 million Americans have been born since and are too young to remember. So whether you are a member of that new generation or a parent of that new generation, experience the museum with other New Yorkers and share the stories of service, sacrifice, and healing," Cherwin added.
General admission to the museum is usually $33 for adults. However, for this new initiative, New Yorkers can reserve their free tickets by visiting the museum's website on the Tuesday following the first Monday of the month for the upcoming First Monday.
"You can go to 911memorial.org/firstmondays and book your ticket in advance, or if you come today at 5:30, you can just walk up and get your ticket for free," said Cherwin.
A reminder: 9/11 family members, whether New Yorkers or not, are always welcome free of charge.

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