Abortion rights advocates march in Manhattan to mark 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Sunday marked 50 years since Roe v. Wade was first passed, but it was the first anniversary since the landmark abortion decision was overturned by the Supreme Court.
Those who support abortion rights filled Broadway in Manhattan to make their voices heard and marched to Washington Square Park.
Sharon John, 67, who sold reproductive rights signs and pins, followed the protests across the city. She said nobody should have control over women's bodies. She once had to make a decision herself and could not imagine someone else telling her what to do to her body.
"I never thought I would ever get breast cancer. It was a wakening for me and I had to make decisions for me and I wouldn't want anyone to make those decisions for me. I was actually the best advocate for myself," she said.
Demonstrators held signs high and cars followed the crowds, beeping their horns in support as the march made its way to Wall Street and ended in Battery Park.