Accused killer of 11-year-old girl to appear in court today

The mourning for the 11-year-old girl who was shot and killed continues as her accused killer is due back in court Wednesday.
The family of 11-year-old Kyhara Tay will hopefully get some more answers as the 15-year-old accused for her death will appear in court.
15-year-old Matthew Godwin was arrested last Friday at a motel in Parkchester. Police say he may have been hiding in there with his mother. Godwin has been charged as an adult with criminal possession of a weapon, manslaughter and second-degree murder. He pleaded not guilty to all charges and is due back in court today.
Detectives say Godwin was riding on the back of the moped, which 18-year-old Omar Bojang drove, when he allegedly pulled the trigger that resulted in Tay's death.
Police say the intended target was not Tay, but a 13-year-old boy instead. At this time, the motive for the shooting is unknown. Omar Bojang turned himself in on Monday and appeared in court Tuesday with multiple charges.
Tay’s funeral is expected to take place today. Her family thanks the community for showing support during their loss.