Activists call for increased street safety during town hall in Kensington

Elected officials and the community came together Monday to discuss how to make several dangerous intersections in Brooklyn safer.
Politicians and activists are looking for ways to redesign some of the intersections or get drivers to slow down after several deadly traffic incidents were reported over the last few years. These streets include parts of Coney Island Avenue, Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway - corridors that residents say drivers treat like a speedway.
State Sen. Kevin Parker, Assemblymember Robert Carroll and Councilmembers Brad Lander and Mathieu Eugene were at the town hall to discuss what they are calling dangerous hotspots of traffic accidents and fatal crashes.
There were also family members of victims of some of these deadly crashes - including the family of Maria del Carmen Porras Hernandez, who was killed on Coney Island Avenue this summer.
Residents say it's time to take serious measures to stop anyone else from being killed.
Representatives from the Department of Transportation presented ways some of the traffic concerns can be addressed - and officers from local police precincts were also present to discuss what more can be done to enforce speeding and safety laws.