Activists demand lawmakers pass important climate legislation to help Long Island

Activists across Long Island rallied Wednesday to demand that state and federal lawmakers pass important climate legislation.
Judy Gardner, 74, was front and center at the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant protests and has been fighting for clean air and water, racial equality and the working class for most of her life.
"If we don't do something soon we are going to go over the edge," says Gardner.
Fifty grassroots organizations on Long Island kicked off their action week for Climate, Jobs and Justice in an effort to bring attention to the New York Climate and Community Investment Act on the state level and the THRIVE Agenda on the federal level.
Michael Brady, of the LI Progressive Coalition, says legislation will mean more investment in renewable energy. Brady says it will also mean more funding for disadvantage communities that have born the brunt of climate change damages.
Rep. Tom Suozzi is in favor of the THRIVE Agenda.
"We are going to do things that we have been talking about for years and years and years," says Suozzi.