Activists pack Borough Hall to condemn redevelopment proposals

Community activists packed a public hearing in Borough Hall on two controversial development projects Monday in a bid to get officials to back off their support.
One of the projects, the Bedford-Union Armory redevelopment, has faced pushback for more than a year.
Activists prevented developers from taking the floor to state their application for the multi-use complex at the Broadway Triangle, prompting officials to call the hearing early.
The Bedford-Union Armory was not able to be brought up at the meeting.
A spokesperson for the Broadway Triangle developer said in a statement: "We are disappointed a small group of people insists on stifling public discourse, we will encourage key decision makers to follow the lead of those closest to the site - the Community Board - which voted overwhelmingly to support this plan."
The proposal would transform the space to a massive complex containing recreational facilities, commercial space and housing units. Critics say it does not provide enough affordable housing, and they have repeatedly denounced some of its planned luxurious amenities.
Opposition was so stiff that the original developer abandoned the project, and a nonprofit group took its place.
Despite the early end to the hearing, Borough President Eric Adams is expected to make his recommendation on the two plans in the coming weeks.