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Activists question why no one showed up to memorial planned in honor of slain 1-year-old toddler

Gardner was about to turn 2 years old when he was killed.

News 12 Staff

Jul 14, 2021, 12:29 AM

Updated 1,073 days ago


On the one-year anniversary of a toddler who was killed in Bed Stuy, activists are left asking why nobody showed up to remember Davell Gardner Jr. 
The 1-year-old was hit by a bullet during a cookout last summer. His death sparked heartbreak, outrage and renewed the age-old conversation about the effects of gun violence on young people. 
One year later, when elected officials did not show up to a planned memorial on the anniversary of his death, the organizer tells News 12 that he is outraged at the lack of respect for the family of that little boy. 
Gardner was about to turn 2 years old when he was killed. 
Mike Tucker, who was hoping to have this memorial event, says it shows more than ever that serious steps need to be taken to curb gun violence in New York. 

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