Activists square off against city in development plan

Community groups say the city is taking from the poor and giving to the rich in regards to the Albee Square Mall development project.
The city plans to knock down Albee Square Mall and put up a high rise with 1.5 million square feel of retail and office space as well as 900 apartments.
Community activists say the city, which is offering millions in tax breaks to the developer, should demand more than 180 affordable apartments.
At a packed public hearing, protesters say the development plan is taking from the community, not giving back. Merchants who are in danger of losing their businesses say they are a vital part of the neighborhood. However, business organizations say Albee Square Mall has been struggling for year and hasn?t pulled in the crowds it should.
The city say the project will bring thousands of construction jobs to the area and when completed, the mall will support 1,000 retail jobs.