'Adopt-a-Resident' program returns at NYC Health + Hospitals/McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

A pre-Thanksgiving dinner party kicked off Wednesday, at NYC Health and Hospitals McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for about 50 residents to enjoy.
Each one, dressed in their 'holiday best' outfit, as they listened to music and were served sparkling cider paired with a full Thanksgiving spread.
"A lot of our residents are unable to go home to their other family members so, to be able to bring the Thanksgiving celebration to them is really the most important thing to do." said David Weinstein,  CEO of NYC Health and Hospitals McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.
McKinney staff members tell News 12 that this has been an annual holiday tradition for nearly two decades. It started as a way to spread holiday cheer during a time when many residents can develop 'seasonal depression'. 
"They are unable to go home and a lot of them don't have families to come in, and enjoy the holidays with them so, this makes it really special." said Pearl Johnson, who serves as president of auxiliary. 
Residents say carving a homemade turkey truly makes the holiday feel complete, Christopher Cooper, a long-term resident at McKinney says he is sitting with friends turned family, "I don't have a family to go spend thanksgiving with, and this community is family to me," Cooper said.