After Roe V. Wade overturned, doctors want New Yorkers to know that abortion is available

Nearly two months after Roe v. Wade was overturned in the Supreme Court, leaving the right to abortion up to each state, one New York doctor wants residents to know that abortion is safe, legal, and accessible in New York.  
Dr. Marisa Nadas, reproductive health clinic lead at NYC Health + Hospitals, wants New Yorkers to know that all hospitals are ready, willing and able to care for anyone seeking abortion.  
"Sometimes it is life circumstances that preclude having a child at that moment in time, sometimes it is the risk associated with the pregnancy,” said Nadas.  
From high-risk pregnancies to medical conditions, Dr. Nadas says restricting abortion is directly tied to an increase in maternal mortality. 
All eleven NYC Health + Hospitals locations provide abortion care, and that those locations are also preparing to help those traveling from other states where abortion is banned.