Alert Center: Cannabis Control Board approves New York's first processor licenses

New York’s Cannabis Control Board approved its first 15 adult-use conditional processor licenses, making the state one step closer to launching its legal cannabis marketplace.
Processors take cannabis grown on farms and turn it into consumer products. The first retail dispensaries will be the ones to sell the products.
This move is part of the state's Seeding Opportunity Initiative, which ensures the first licenses are given to those who either have a prior marijuana-related criminal offense or have a direct family member convicted of one.
The board also approved 19 more conditional cultivator licenses Monday, bringing the total number of approved cannabis farms in the state to 242.
The board approved initial regulations for the state's cannabis labs, which will be responsible for maintaining public health and safety in all new products.
The application for cultivator licenses is open until the end of August. The application portal for retail cannabis dispensary licenses opens Aug. 25.