Allerton Foodtown worker attacked while trying to stop shoplifters returns to job

An Allerton Foodtown worker has returned to the job after being attacked while trying to stop a pair of shoplifters.
The store owner says the violent attack occurred after the employee confronted a man and a woman attempting to leave with food they hadn’t paid for. Within seconds, the couple began to attack the worker, who fell to the ground as they punched him.
Store manager Louis Porcelli tells News 12 that shoplifting has become an increasingly common problem over the last year. He fears for the safety of his employees and customers.
“I hope people will think twice before they steal. If you're hungry, ask for it. Maybe we’ll give you a steak or whatever, but don't go in steal,” he said.
Porcelli is joining calls from the Collective Action to Protect our Stores, an initiative calling for lawmakers to act against repeat theft offenders.
CAPS responded to the incident by stating, "Now is the time for our leaders in City Hall and Albany to step up and change policies and pass laws that will protect employees and customers. Enough is enough- it is time for action."