'Almost Nude' all-inclusive swimwear label enhancing confidence, giving back to the community

If you're planning your next vacation or simply looking to have some fun in the sun, you may be wondering what swimsuit may be best for the occasion. Well, creative director and founder of the swimwear label 'Almost Nude' has got you covered.
The label looks to focus on pieces that fit all body types so that women have a range of options and feel and look their best. The idea sparked while Gordon was celebrating her 21st birthday in Miami with friends, right before the pandemic.
"I was really struggling finding bathing suits and bikinis specifically that fit my chest area and my body type," said Gordon.
The label also focuses on giving back to the community and the support that comes from customers in the community.
"We donate proceeds to women and people in need that need like menstrual kits. Last time we gave out facial packs, lip gloss because that's what they requested and like combs and brushes," said Gordon.
Gordon says she hopes anyone looking to start a business takes the leap of faith and puts in the hard work to succeed.