Amazon employees in Red Hook work to get gifts delivered before Christmas

Amazon workers are getting thousands of packages ready to ship out to different neighborhoods in Brooklyn for the holidays  
The Amazon center that opened in Red Hook just a few months ago is the last stop for packages in Brooklyn before hitting your doorstep. 
“We take pretty much every package coming into this region, and we sort them out here,” said James Armstrong, station manager at the Red Hook site.  
The center is over 300,000 square feet. During the holidays, associates can sort through more than 1,000 packages per day without working overtime. 
“We haven’t had to do anything specifically different than we normally do,” said Armstrong. “Everyone’s working in their normal shift, and we’re still able to process the additional volume that we typically see during the holidays.” 
The goal is to get packages sorted based on delivery location, so efficient routes can be made. Packages are then loaded at the back of the center where more Amazon employees do their best stand-in as Santa’s helpers.