American Airlines to cancel service at MacArthur Airport due to lack of pilots

American Airlines says it is canceling service at MacArthur Airport due to a pilot shortage.
The move comes as thousands of flights continue to get canceled across the United States.
The airline says service will end on Sept. 7. The airline will also abandon hubs in Ithaca and Toledo.
The move comes after the airline grounded 100 planes earlier this month for the same reason.
American Airlines says it will contact customers who have tickets for flights after that date to make new arrangements.
A travel expert says he hopes the decision from American Airlines to cancel service at MacArthur Airport is temporary.
"They're a connection point, especially for our commuter travelers and anybody within the American Airlines network, you know, they fly daily to Philadelphia, which is the American Airlines hub, and we never want to see an airline leaving," says Matt Kondrup, owner of Matty K Travel.
The Town of Islip is also hoping American Airlines' decision to cancel service is temporary.
In a statement to News 12, a spokesperson for the Town of Islip says, "We will continue to communicate with American Airlines through these challenging times in the airline industry. American Airlines has been a good business partner to the Long Island community and to Long Island MacArthur Airport, and we are hopeful that this service adjustment will not be permanent."
Kondrup worries that American Airlines canceling service will negatively impact other airlines and force them to do daily cancellations or delays.
He says travelers should have backup plans in case their flight in canceled or delayed.
"Definitely a Plan B, pack your patience, that's what I've been saying since day one," Kondrup says. "There's a good chance you might get delayed."
Kondrup also advises anyone traveling to get to the airport as early as they can so they have time to make changes if they need to.