Amusement park industry looks for guidance on NY reopening

The amusement park industry has taken a financial hit this year due to the pandemic, and several local owners are calling for the state to issue reopening guidelines so they can plan for the future.
"We've been closed since Oct. 31, 2019. We've been generating zero revenue," said Alessandro Zamperla, president of Central Amusement International.
Central Amusement International operates Luna Park. Zamperla says the closure has taken a toll on business and he is hoping to reopen before the year ends.
Zamperla and several amusement park owners in the state have sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo hoping to open the lines of communication on how they can move forward.
The owners say that as indoor businesses like museums and bowling alleys begin to reopen, they do not understand why their outdoor amusement parks have not been able to open.
News 12 reached out to Cuomo's office about a reopening plan for amusement parks but has not heard back.