Anti-Defamation League: White supremacy propaganda rises nationwide

A disturbing rise in white supremacist propaganda is being seen across the country and in New York, according to the Anti-Defamation League.
The group says the propaganda more than doubled in 2019 across the country. On a map released by the ADL, New York is one of the regions with the highest activity.
The ADL's numbers show over 2,700 incidents of propaganda distribution nationwide. They say, three groups, Patriot Front, American Identity Movement and the New Jersey European Heritage Association were responsible for the majority of that activity.
Bay Ridge saw white supremacy recruitment fliers a few weeks ago and a rally erupted in response.
The ADL advises that if you do see fliers or hateful activity, to call authorities, don't leave the scene and don't touch the evidence. They are also advising people to allow law enforcement to pick up the evidence, but also to report these incidents to groups dedicated to fighting hate, like the ADL.