Architect says it could take 9 months before residents can go inside brownstone struck by MTA bus

The MTA bus that crashed into a Brooklyn brownstone is still there, leaving residents of that brownstone unable. to go home.
The Department of Buildings said earlier this week the brownstone saw structural damage and is no longer safe to occupy.
News 12 spoke with an architect about how long it could take to get the building back up and running to see tenants again.
Will DuBose says this is just the start of a long process.
The Department of Buildings says the contractors are continuing to install shoring under the supervision of the owners' engineers, as well as the city's.
They say that work is expected to be completed by Friday but could be finished as early as Thursday night. Once that shoring is done, that's when the MTA will make arrangements for the bus to be removed.
DuBose says it could take eight or nine months before residents can go back inside.
The Department of Buildings say neighboring buildings were not damaged and are in no danger of collapsing.