Are you over 60 and looking to save? Here are year-round senior discounts

But you don't have to wait until National Senior Citizens Day for deals. Here's a list of 28 year-round discounts available to seniors.

Sandrina Rodrigues

Aug 18, 2020, 4:30 PM

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Are you over 60 and looking to save? Here are year-round senior discounts
Are you over 60 and looking to save?
Here's a list of year-round discounts available to seniors:
Amazon: AARP members may receive offers and promotions, including 50% off select Kindle books.
Applebee’s: 15% off with Golden Apple Card, 60+
Arby’s: 10% off, 60+
Banana Republic: 10% off, 50+
Boston Market: 10% off, 65+
Burger King: 10% off, 60+
Education: Want to go back to school? Many colleges and universities offer classes to people 60 and over for a small fee. For example, Hofstra University offers the PEIR Program, designed for retired seniors seeking intellectual stimulation, cultural enrichment and personal growth.
Friendly’s: 10% off, 60+
Grocery stores: Check your local grocery store for details on their discounts. For example, many ShopRite stores offer discounts of around 5% to 10% off on a certain day of the week.
Hotels: If you travel and are looking for a hotel to stay, many offer discounts to seniors. Marriott Hotels offers 15% off to anyone over 62.
IHOP: 10% off, 55+
Jiffy Lube: Some Jiffy Lube service centers offer a senior citizens' discount, but this discount varies from location to location.
Joann Fabrics: 20% off, 55+, once each month
Kohl’s: 15% off, 60+, every Wednesday
Michael’s: 10% off on Tuesdays with AARP card
Midas: 10% off parts and/or service.
National Park Service: You can get a lifetime senior pass for $80, plus a $10 processing fee. An annual senior pass is also available. People aged 62 or over are eligible.
Pep Boys: 10% off, 55+
Pharmacy: Rite Aid and Walgreens offer discounts on certain days of the week. Click in the links for each store’s program.
Property tax benefits: Every state in the country has a property tax benefit for seniors (check links below for your state).
SilverSneakers: Get access to more than 13,000 participating fitness facilities, special classes, online classes and activities. SilverSneakers is available at no cost for adults 65+ on participating Medicare health plans.
Subway: 10% off, 60+
Supercuts: Looking to trim the cost of your next haircut? Check with your local hair Supercuts salon for $2 regular adult hair cut.
Transportation: Even if you're not traveling far right now, there are some transportation discounts you can get. The MTA offers reduced fare on its MetroCard. The LIRR, Metro-North and NJ Transit also offer special fares for those who are 62 or older. Amtrak offers 15% off for 62+, and Greyhound offers 5% off for 62+.
State parks: Connecticut, New Jersey and New York offer discounts or free state park passes. 
Utilities: Ask your utility providers and local government about discounted rates for seniors. You could qualify based on age and/or financial need. For example, Con Edison offers help for people who are 62 or older.
White Castle: 10% off, 62+
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NOTE: These discounts are subject to change. Please check with the individual location for more information on the discounts.

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