Artists from around the world gather to embellish West Farms' Boone Avenue

Artists from all over the worked gathered on Boone Avenue in West Farms Saturday to continue the tradition of beautifying the city streets with art.
The whole block was filled with street artist all afternoon as they worked to fill walls with art.
The spraying of brightly colored paint cans was also heard all around the block as artists from different countries gathered to continue a tradition that's been around for eight years.
This all started with longtime Bronx street artist Wen Cod, who was a transit graffiti artist in the 1980s.
When he saw that Boone Avenue appeared to be abandoned and neglected with a lot of litter, Cod took it upon himself to clean up the streets and beautify the neighborhood by painting street art on the walls.
What started out as one block on Boone Avenue now stretches all the way to East 174th street.
Cod said this annual event has drawn hundreds of artists to the Bronx and received tons of positive feedback from the neighborhood.
The artists will be back on Sunday to finish their work. They hope that one day the gathering which has become known as Boone Avenue Walls will turn into the art district of the Bronx.