Artwork at Brooklyn Museum brings awareness to coronavirus impact on minority communities

A new piece of artwork is now on display at the Brooklyn Museum to bring awareness to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on minority communities.
Contemporary American artist Carrie Mae Weems and the Harlem-based nonprofit "The Brotherhood/Sister Sol" teamed up to spread awareness about the disproportionate impact of coronavirus on communities of color.
Black Americans account for almost 25% of coronavirus deaths, according to the Center for Disease and Control, even though they only account for 13% of the country's population.
Weems partnered with the the group's award-winning "Peace Poets" to pair powerful visuals with poetry in English and Spanish to be displayed throughout the city.
"The different we are hoping to make is for sure to have more visibility around this issue and speak messages of safety, as well as to make those correlations to the conditions that disproportionate impacts in these communities," says Peace Poet Frank Antonio.
The print and digital billboards can be seen on the streets of the city and the PSAs are streaming online and on social media.