Assault victim speaks out on lack of security at residential building

After being attacked on Sept. 2 in broad daylight, Fred Leary Jr. says his life flashed before his eyes.  
Leary says the incident unfolded outside of his home at 1275 Nelson Ave., when the suspect picked a fight with one of his neighbors. Leary tried to get in the middle of the two to protect his neighbor, when things took a turn for the worse.  
“He kicked me on my side, on my left side and then he tried to hit me in my face, but I blocked that except the back of my head here,” said Leary.  
Leary now has to rely on his walker to get around and says the attack could’ve been preventable if there was a security guard on duty. He tells News 12 that in his 10 years living in the building, he has never seen consistent security measures.  
“I was more angry, not because I couldn’t defend myself properly, but because we didn’t have security to stop that,” said Leary.  
News 12 reached out to the Highbridge Community Development Corporation, who own 1275 Nelson Ave., for a statement, and is awaiting a response.