Asylum seeking migrants say curfews prevent them from seeing loved ones to celebrate New Year's

Asylum seeking migrants said curfews prevented them from celebrating the arrival of the new year with loved ones.
Asylum seekers said curfews require them to be inside by a certain time and that prohibited them from celebrating outside. They added they simply wanted to stand outside or somewhere with their fellow asylum seekers to welcome the new year.
Community Outreach Specialist Sonia Velazquez told News 12 she heard the same concerns from other asylum seekers.
"DHS says it's a safety issue. I understand, but at least have something downstairs in these shelters. I'm sure these hotel shelters have some type of community room or activity room. Give them that space," Velazquez said.
She added that she was informed certain shelters allowed migrants to congregate together for New Year's celebrations while others did not.
News 12 reached out to the city's Department of Homeless Services for comment but have yet to hear back.