Back-to-school safety tips to keep in mind

The 2023-2024 school year is right around the corner, but before you send your kid on the bus, there are some safety concerns and tips to keep at the front of your mind – especially regarding social media.  
New York’s Department of Consumer Protection suggests that parents don’t overshare on social media when it comes to their kids and school, even warning against putting information on the outside of their children’s books, backpacks or lunches.  
“I rather put it on the inside because a lot of people can do a lot of things with even just a first name, you know, so I 100% agree with that,” said parent Anna Garcia. “Imagine you’re putting a credit card in for your kid when they’re 18 and you can’t because their name has been stolen.” 
The New York State Division of Consumer Protection is reminding families to have an open dialogue with their children about these safety concerns.