Back to School: SOMOS pediatrician offers advice for concerned parents

As the summer winds down and kids get ready to return to school in less than two weeks, one SOMOS pediatrician has advice for parents who want to keep their kids healthy.  
Physical exams, back-to-school check-ups, and updating your kids with the latest vaccine can help the transition into the new year, according to Dr. Benjamin Toral.  
“It seems like by September, we’re going to have a new COVID vaccine, and it is highly recommended to all of our patients and their families to be up to date with that,” said Toral.  
Dr. Toral also emphasizes the importance of not only keeping your child’s physical health in tip-top shape, but their mental health as well. 
"Going from elementary to middle school or to high school it can be kind of hard, so letting them know that we are here to support them, that they need to have a support system,” said Toral.  
Dr. Toral also recommends a healthy diet year-round, with making sure your kid gets at least one serving of fruits and vegetables daily as well as 30 minutes of activity.