Bay Ridge residents call for speed enforcement at drag racing hot spot

A residential area of the borough filled with children and elderly people reportedly holds an intersection that has become a hot spot for drag racing.
Residents near the intersection of Bay Ridge Avenue and Shore Road in Bay Ridge say they are fed up with the makeshift racetrack in their neighborhood.
Many with families say they are concerned for their safety.
"What if, God forbid, they turn the corner, or they blow the light, or they hit into somebody, and they had no control of their car," says Ashley Frenna, who works nearby.
Council Member Justin Brannan tells News 12 he is working to correct the issue. He asked the 68th Precinct to crack down on the racing.
"Patrol and NCO officers are conducting additional patrols at the intersection of Bay Ridge Avenue and Shore Road. Additionally, speed enforcement is being conducted in the vicinity," says Brannan.

Brannan says he'll continue working with neighbors until the problem can be resolved.