Bay Shore woman brings new life to the world in response to tragedy

When she tragically lost her brother to suicide, a Bay Shore woman turned heartbreak to new life.
Christa Needrith began going to a support group for people who have lost someone to suicide after she lost her older brother in 2013.
She listened to a woman who lost her sister the same way who talked about her struggles with infertility.
"It wasn't until about two years after we lost my brother, my sister had a baby and it brought this light to our family that we never thought we'd see again," said Needrith. "We were suddenly smiling again and everything was changing for us. It just got me thinking -- you never know why someone needs to have a baby."
Needrith says she learned about egg donation and decided to donate her eggs to help a family who needs them.
"Knowing how I felt when this child was brought into my life, my niece, if someone else is going to end up feeling that way, that's the most amazing thing," she said.
Needrith says her brother would be proud of her.
"I think he would be happy to know that I did what I could to or try to be as selfless as possible to help someone, I don't even know, achieve their dreams of being able to have a child," she said. "Do as much as you can for other people. Try to bring a light into their life."