Beloved Brooklyn bakery faces closure amid COVID-19 pandemic struggles

A local Park Slope bakery that opened just before the COVID-19 pandemic is now at risk of shutting its doors due to pandemic-related financial struggles.  
For Miss American Pie, it’s been an uphill battle to keep their doors open through the pandemic. They opened up about six months before the start of the pandemic, and owner Lindsey Hill immediately ran into problems.  
The bakery serves everything sweet, from coconut cream pie to chocolate peanut butter. They’ve been hard at work baking, but also dealing with a hefty rent price that they say they haven’t been able to pay in full since 2021. They are now paying partial rent and trying to slowly but surely chip away at a $200,000 back log in debt.  
Although their rent isn’t getting cheaper, the local business is optimistic that they’ll be able to stay open after sharing their struggles on social media which is getting attention from the community.