Best of Brooklyn: Florists start beautification campaign using recycled flowers

A pair of Brooklyn florists have begun decorating New York City subways and bus stops with floral arrangements as part of a beautification campaign.
Freidel Levin and Chani Frankel have owned the Mimulo Floral & Event Design shop on Albany Avenue for 11 years, but only recently started decorating subways and bus stops.  
The two were thinking of ideas on how they could recycle flowers left over from events and that's when they say they began decorating.
On Tuesday, they decorated the bus stop on the corner of Rogers and St. Johns Place, near the bus stop.
They say it's a way to recycle flowers, but also a way to help brighten up the mood of New Yorkers and commuters.
"Every person who takes the train or takes the bus is faced with so much frustration," Levin says. " To come out of the subway or to get off of a bus and to be greeted with nice flowers is just kind of a lift up."
Both Levin and Frankel admit they have not contacted the MTA or the DOT to see what officials think of the flower campaign.