Best of Brooklyn: Pediatrician making a difference in the community

A pediatrician has been helping kids in Coney Island for decades.
Dr. Warren Siegel, chairman of pediatrics at Coney Island Hospital, has been treating kids for the past 30 years. With an impressive resume under his belt, Siegel prides himself on connections with his patients.
"It's really an honor to be allowed to take care of people's children," he says. "The trust that they have in us, in the medical profession, is a humbling experience."
Siegel this year launched Healthy Steps, a national program focused on identifying at-risk children at an early age, working side by side with social workers like Sarah Loesch.
"We look for any delays that might occur," says Loesch, the program's assistant director. "We work with common challenges -- sleep, eating, temper tantrums. Anything that will help the parents."
Aside from being a full-time doctor and boss, Siegel is also a father to 11-year-old twins. And despite his numerous accomplishments, Siegel remains humble.
"We have to work together," he says. "I can't do what the nurses do and I can't do what the other pediatricians do. But together we can really do something more."
Siegel says he hopes to continue to innovate with programs like Healthy Steps in the future.