Biden takes lead over Trump in Pennsylvania as dueling rallies held in Philadelphia

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has taken over the lead from President Donald Trump in battleground Pennsylvania, but the ballot count is continuing.
The workers at the Philadelphia Convention Center can do about 10,000 votes an hour. It is unclear how many votes they have left to count.
Earlier Thursday, a crowd of Trump supporters descended on the Statehouse to protest an election they claimed was being stolen. Dueling rallies were held Friday in Philadelphia as well.
Around 8 p.m. Friday, two rows of police officers were stationed between Trump supporters and Biden supporters. 
The additional police came after an argument escalated between a Trump supporter and a Biden supporter. 
By 10 p.m., the supporters on each side were cleared out.
Media from all over the world also descended upon Philadelphia to witness history in the making.
In Pennsylvania, there is no evidence that any sort of miscounting or ballot shenanigans are taking place. Some elected officials from the state called Trump's claims of voter fraud and the election being stolen as deeply reprehensible, and pointed to the large amount of mail-in ballots causing a slower count, but not a corrupt one.
Trump adviser and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said if the president has evidence of voter fraud he needs to bring it forward. The Democratic mayor of Philadelphia said Trump needs to "put on his big boy pants and accept he's lost."
Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said Trump was within his rights to call for a recount but should not be claiming there is widespread voter fraud without evidence.
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