Biker in need helped by Bronx day camp lifeguards

Lifeguards from the Moshulu Day Camp helped an unconscious biker on the side of the road during a day trip. 
Mosholu Day Camp supervisor Amy Infante says the group was traveling in Harriman State Park when she noticed a bike and a bag on the side of the road.
Someone then told her that it wasn't a bag - it was a person - and that they needed to stop the vehicle. 
The lifeguards at the day camp sprang into action to help the unconscious biker. 
While the lifeguards worked to help the woman, Infante tried to call for help from her phone, with little luck due to the service in the mountains.
The lifeguards were able to bring her back to consciousness within minutes and were able to stay with the biker until ambulances - called by the Parks Department - arrived.
The entire situation from when they spotted him to when the biker was taken by the ambulance was less than 45 minutes.
“It was just instinct,” says Infante. “It was like, OK, I know this is what I need to do.”
The biker is in the hospital and her condition has improved.