BK businesses evicted to make room for condos

Small business owners in Downtown Brooklyn who are being evicted to make way for high-rise apartments say they are not leaving without a fight.
Small business owner Jack Fuzailov says he received an eviction notice and was told to pack up and leave his 5-year-old shop in three months. Other owners also say their landlord is pushing out nearly 20 small businesses clustered along Bridge and Willoughby streets.
Jeff Gargiulo, of Bagel Guys, is leading the fight against evictions. Customers have been lending their support by signing a petition in his store.
"It's not what the people want. It's what the developer and the landlords want in the area," Gargiulo said, adding that the law is likely to fall on the side of the landlord.
Some see the change as inevitable and say these evictions are the latest example of bigger changes in Downtown Brooklyn. However, they say the changes are making it harder for long-time residents and business owners to stay in the area.
The concerned business owners plan to take their pleas to the City Council.