Black History Month: Shaquana Boykin’s mission to be ‘part of the change’

Shaquana Boykin, a community organizer and NYCHA Tenant Association volunteer, makes it her mission to give back to her Brooklyn community.
From starting the Clinton Hill Mutual Aid organization to her work with the Central Food Co-op, Boykin told News 12 that she wanted to be a “part of the change.”
"When you think about community, it's never about dividing. It's never about isolating. It's all about building. Building us up. Growing us," she says. "…If I can be that example of change, that's what drives me and gives me that passion."
Boykin is currently the elected district leader for Assembly District 57 where she hopes to make her community more informed about voting.
"A lot of people don't even know about how to register to vote, how judges get on our ballots. My hope is that before I leave this role, that we get the Democratic party to do some civic engagement," she says.