Blind Bronx man says he was assaulted on subway, calls for justice

A legally blind Bronx man is speaking out after he says he was assaulted in the subway. He says the incident landed him in the hospital with bruises and cuts.
Mark Goldberg says the incident took place on Saturday. He says he is still feeling the shock of it all. He says he and his girlfriend got on a downtown 6 Train in Longwood, and shortly after was punched in the face by another rider. 
"My whole jaw was just, I was shocked,” said Goldberg. “I was dripping in blood and obviously in pain." 
Goldberg says he and his girlfriend were seated on the subway when another rider next to them kept hitting into them with his backpack. The couple says they asked the man to stop, who responded by punching Goldberg in the chin.  
When the subway stopped, they say the rider ran off, and Goldberg was forced to go to the hospital. Goldberg is calling on the city for more security in the transit system.  
“I really feel the MTA has an obligation,” said Goldberg. “Passenger pays his fare - we expect to be safe. This guy could’ve had a knife, could’ve had a gun… anything.” 
Goldberg says he reached out to the governor’s and mayor’s officers with no luck.  
This comes as transit crime is up 40% compared to this time last year. The NYPD confirmed with News 12 that they are investigating this assault case.