Bodega workers, elected officials rally for DA to drop Jose Alba’s charges

A large group turned out in the heat on Wednesday calling for justice for Jose Alba, who allegedly stabbed an attacker while he was working behind a bodega counter in upper Manhattan.
Alba’s supporters include fellow bodega and restaurant workers as well as leaders in the community and elected officials. They are saying Alba used self-defense in the incident.
Many in the industry say there is a major public safety issue that needs to be addressed and that Alba shouldn’t be punished. He currently faces one count of second-degree murder when he was arrested on July 2.
“There’s an unwritten rule in our business,” said Youssef Mubarez, of the Yemeni American Merchants Association. “Behind the counter is invite only… once you step behind there, the fate is yours, it’s self-defense.”
The restaurant association and other organizations say they are going to meet with the Manhattan district attorney next Friday to make sure Alba isn’t being taken advantage of. He is due in court on July 20.