Boutique owner’s passion caters to serious sneaker fanatics

Owning a sneaker shop is no joke. Just ask Jay Wong, owner of Jwongboutique in Manhattan.
He has owned his sneaker shop for the past seven years and has worked hard to build his clientele. Wong actually started his business in a basement in Queens before making his way to Manhattan, just blocks away from Times Square. He sells, buys, trades, consigns and repairs sneakers. Wong says owning a business is a 24/7 job.
“There are days I don’t eat because there is so much work to do. I’m constantly on social media looking for the latest trends and finding new ways to bring in new customers,” he says.
With $20,000, Jay has managed to open a boutique where you can find a variety of sneakers and clothes.
"Look, I always tell everyone you have to work hard to be able to succeed in this market."