BP Adams, MTA commemorate 101st anniversary of the Malbone Street train crash

City leaders commemorated the deadliest train crash in the history of the New York City subway that happened about a century ago.
Friday marked the 101st year since the fatal Malbone Street accident that left 93 people dead and 250 injured in 1918.
The train was headed to the Prospect Park Station, where a plaque was unveiled Friday.

The plaque was dedicated by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and the MTA.

Historians say the train was travelling 24 miles over the speed limit of 6 mph when it derailed.
Adams and New York City Transit President Andy Byford were joined by other community leaders as they also renamed a portion of Empire Boulevard as Malbone Centennial Way.
They say the accident changed the transit system for the better, leading to safer train car designs, introducing onboard controls and stricter training requirements for train operators. 

The leaders say that with this commemoration, they want to remember that tragic day and keep passengers safe in the transit system.