'Breaking me down mentally.' Highbridge tenant says there's no water supply in apartment for 9 days due to leak

A tenant in Highbridge says she's living a nightmare after seeing no water supply in her apartment for several days. 
Milagros Briggs says she has lived at 1411 Townsend Ave. for over 30 years and is struggling to get by without any water to cook, clean or use the bathroom. 
"It's breaking me down mentally. Absolutely," said Briggs. The five-story apartment building has been slammed with multiple HPD violations and complaints. 
Briggs says the ongoing issue was caused by a leak on the first floor that has yet to be fixed and has been a problem not only for her, but for other tenants in the building.  Briggs says she has reached out to management several times and has been left hopeless. 
News 12 reached out to HPD for a statement, and it responded saying, “Ensuring that New Yorkers have access to heat and hot water is our top priority, especially during the colder months -- No one should be left without these basic necessities, and we are committed to addressing complaints and issuing violations in this building where necessary."
Briggs says she is prepared to take the ongoing issue to court if a permanent solution is not granted.