Breast cancer survivor fights for more awareness, recommends screenings for everyone

One Brooklyn woman is on a mission to increase awareness for breast cancer after she had to fight to get a proper diagnosis.  
Serena Sugrim started experiencing symptoms of breast cancer at 28 years old. But it would take almost a year until she received the official diagnosis from several doctors. The diagnosis made her “heart skip a beat,” Sugrim told News 12’s Jericho Tran.  
“At that point, we didn’t know how long I’ve had it and … I didn’t have any history of it either,” said Sugrim.  
She then received a double mastectomy, followed by reconstructive surgery – a journey she describes as “life-changing”. 
“It changed me forever,” said Sugrim. “It makes you more grateful that you’re alive.” 
As a survivor, Sugrim has now made it her mission to help others fighting breast cancer. She volunteered with organizations in her Brooklyn neighborhood to help raise over $1,000 for breast cancer awareness.  
On top of that, she mentors other survivors, talking to them about their journey and diagnosis experience. Sugrim says her mentees are happy to share with someone who can relate. 
The breast cancer survivor urges all women to get screenings, regardless of their age.  
“It doesn’t discriminate against anyone,” said Sugrim. “It could target anyone out there.”