Brighton Beach decries price hike on parking permits

Parking in southern Brooklyn is already difficult, but some in Brighton Beach say it's about to get even worse.
Residents who struggle to find space during the summer are upset about a city Department of Transportation increase in parking fees. Right now, drivers pay $330 for a three-month period. But a proposal would increase that to $500, an almost 52% jump.
The DOT says in a statement, "As demand for parking in the city increases, rates must be adjusted to manage the demand associated with limited supply. This quarterly permit rate increase coincides with the citywide on-street parking rate increase that went into effect late 2018."
Sources say the last quarterly permit increase at a popular parking field came in 2002.
While many understand there hasn't been an increase in years, they say it shouldn't be such a dramatic change in such a short amount of time.
Councilman Chaim Deutsch sent a letter along with eight other council members to the DOT commissioner and mayor saying, "We will not tolerate this, we're going to have rallies, we're going to have press conferences, you're not going to pick on our seniors and this is totally unacceptable."