Broken Blue Line: Searching for answers in the wake of NYPD suicides

Nine NYPD officers have died by suicide in the past eight months, shocking many in the department and raising questions.
It’s not a new crisis. Exclusive documents obtained by News 12 show that 18 NYPD officers have taken their own lives in the last three years.
Over the past three months, News 12 has spent time with the families and colleagues of members, who struggle to understand why the officers thought it was their only option. News 12 also spoke to the department to discuss what steps are being taken to combat what is being called a mental health crisis.
The NYPD says resources are available to officers.
Those on the job say that speaking up isn't always that simple. Some say it's hard to know who can be trusted, or that officers are convinced their gun will be taken and they'll lose their job.
In the News 12 special report Broken Blue Line airing this week, we'll speak one-on-one with NYPD Chief of Department Terrence Monahan about how the city is making changes. We'll speak to an NYPD officer about the stigma, to the police union that represents the officers -- and to those who are left behind by suicide to face grief, questions and challenges.
The NYPD wants all officers to know that help is available through the Law Enforcement Officers In Crisis text line. Anyone who needs help can text "Blue" to 741-741.