Broken buzzer sparks fear in tenants at Brownsville Houses

<p>Tenants living at the Brownsville Houses say the building's intercom that's used to buzz people in is broken.</p>

News 12 Staff

Nov 15, 2018, 3:51 AM

Updated 1,981 days ago


Tenants living at the Brownsville Houses are worried for their safety since the intercom used to buzz people into the building is broken.
The tenants say the intercom has been broken for more than a year. They say it's become a problem because people are keeping the door propped open and breaking windows to get inside.
Trina Dunston says she is fearful that someone will follow her teenage daughter home and be able to get in the building and hurt her. Dunston says she tried to reach out to the building management for help but was told it's a different department that handles the intercom.
A spokesperson for NYCHA tells News 12 the problem is being addressed, but couldn't give a timeframe as to when it might be fixed.

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