Bronx artist shows off creativity with new exhibit at Children’s Museum

The Bronx Children’s Museum recently unveiled a new exhibit featuring the works of local artist C. G. Esperanza.
The exhibit allows visitors to step into the mind of the artist and everything that inspires him. It includes a desk with supplies like paint, brushes, handmade costumes and painted sneakers.
"This space is pretty much what's going on inside my head. Anyone who enters is entering into the brain of C.G. Esperanza,” said the artist.
The exhibit has an inspiration wall where kids can stick magnets on, along with an activity where they can design their own face masks.
It also features an interactive story time with Esperanza and his original book “Boogie Boogie Y’all.”
Esperanza’s work was selected by the Arts Review Committee and will be on display for the next two years.
"Part of our arts build community is really having artists who are connected to the Bronx and connected to the community. So, you get to see how he creates his illustrations, his inspirations, the kind of music he listens to,” said Deputy Director of Arts and Exhibits Natalie Wood.
Parents say the interactive nature of the exhibit is an entertaining experience for children.
"I like how you can do activities and explore the space,” said resident Erica Moreno. “I like how they captured every aspect of the Bronx. Having kids interact with all the activities they have is awesome."